Elegant Twists

We have been working non-stop since we got our latest amazing windows from the house in Hollister that was built in 1882, they are in such good shape and that old wavy glass is something that we admire so much. We never know how a window will turn out until we lay a particular vintage dish down and let it "speak to us". All of these windows are about the same size. We were going to name this post "A Thousand Glass Beads" because that's what it felt like when we started gluing everything. (click any picture to enlarge)

The above window has a gorgeous depression glass dish paired with the clear glass beads which will go with almost any decor.
Loopty Loop Lovliness is happy. That dish wanted to be the center of attention.
The above depression glass dish is really beautiful when light hits it - the details in these old dishes is really a work of art in and of itself. We love being able to show off those gorgeous designs from the 1930s and 1940s.

We are so very excited to get such great old windows, we just love designing our vintage window art.

Each of these windows are available for $175. each.

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Patricia said...

Those are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

They are all really pretty. These must have taken you a long time to make. I wish I had half your talent.


Rochelle said...

I am just amazed at how creative you ladies are, just when I think you have outdone yourselves, you go and outdo yourselves again. These are really beautiful. I want to talk my husband into getting me another window for my birthday. I get so many compliments on mine, I know I still need to send you a picture but I am camera challenged.


Ruth Welter said...

These are simply gorgeous...elegant is the word that comes to my mind.

Have a wonderful holiday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, who knew windows could be so pretty. I love your work, you ladies are so clever.