Stunning Vintage Dishes Make For Beautiful Windows

These windows will look just as lovely indoors or outside in a garden or veranda. We just finished these yesterday and the old dishes still amaze us with their beauty.
ETA: The first two windows are still AVAILABLE, the last two windows just SOLD.
ETA#2: The heart window is still AVAILABLE, all others are SOLD.

Here is another view of the beautiful amber depression glass dish (click any picture to enlarge):

This vibrant heart dish is rich with color and detail:

This next design is inspired by this old gold toned glass platter: SOLD

We get many requests for seeing the back of pieces and here you can see the back (original green paint) and the front: SOLD
We made a wiggle waggle mini-me by popular demand and it is paired with a vintage hobnail dish: SOLD

We heard antique dealers refer to this dish as milk glass, vaseline glass and hobnail and we don't pretend to be vintage dish aficionados but we are learning a ton about these gorgeous old dishes.This window just SOLD

Each of these windows are available and for sale for $135 each.

We are happy to answer any questions at - we look forward to hearing from you!


1893 Window with FOUR Antique Crystal Salt Dishes

Friends in high places! A local contractor is remodeling a home built in 1893 and he saved this old kitchen window for us. It is a rare thicker window (over two inch thick wood frame) and is less than 2 ft. X 2 ft with four panes. We found these antique salt dishes in Soquel, California and kept the design simple because of the beauty of the old window and crystal dishes. They look like diamonds when the sun hits them:

A close-up of the salt dishes:

We still struggle with pictures but here is another view:

We are offering this window for only $90 ~ of course, additional shipping fees apply.
We kept everything in it's original condition which is rare excellent!
Email us with any inquiries and we will be happy to provide more information.
Thank you for visiting our blog!


Delicious and Divine

Look at these rare old multi-paned small windows! 21" high and 24" wide - light weight for shipping! One of the dishes is an old crystal salt dish and the other one is a very old crystal ashtray that has lovely pink coloring.
click any picture to enlarge:
> We have two of the rare old windows. They are for sale for $120 each or $200 for the pair.
Crystal salt dish - very old!
This is a close-up of the very old crystal ashtray:

This adorable little window measures 18" wide by 21" high. We used antique crystal salt dishes that we found in an antique store in Soquel, California. The back was left in it's original condition.
Close up of the crystal salt dishes:
How cute is this back!!!
This window is for sale for $80.
We are also proud of this depression glass design on a rectangular window from the late 1800s that is in excellent shape. We kept the original paint layers and it was begging for our blue depression glass dishes! Really sweet.

This window is for sale for $150.00 . Here is a close-up of the vintage dish:

Discounts for multiple purchases - inquire at .
Thank you for visiting our blog and we have four more gorgeous creations that we will be able to photograph tomorrow!


Busy Bees

We have just finished scavenging the California coast for some awesome windows and vintage dishes and were lucky enough to find about 5 of the smaller sized windows from the late 1800s.

We have some lovely amber dishes that look a bit like carnival glass (not sure) and some blue depression glass plates that are fantastic, we found TWO amazing vibrant dishes, one is red and in the shape of a heart and the other is a spectacular orange color..

If anyone has color preferences, please email us at - of course, no obligation to purchase - we love suggestions!

Here is a current list of our available items.

We hope to have some new designs up in the coming days! We LOVE our job!

ETA: We completed FOUR gorgeous windows and will be able to post pictures tomorrow. Three of them are the rare smaller size and we took your suggestions and made some blue inspired designs.

Thank you for everything,

Juli and Debi


Famous "She's" Fine Apparel Window Display

Some of our inventory is now on display at the very popular fine clothing store on San Benito Street in Hollister, California.

We will try to get better pictures without as much glare but we just couldn't wait to share these ingenious window displays that incorporate our vintage window art with She's fine clothing:

We are getting wonderful feedback regarding the window display at "She's" and are so very grateful for the amazing support from everyone.

Really, we do want to try to get better pictures because it looks much better in person!

Thank you!

This is for E.Z. to see

We designed this window with a special family in mind:

Currently, it is hanging over the neck of a mannequin in a lovely window display in Hollister, California.

Sorry, this window is SOLD.

Click here to see our list of available items.


~ Pink and Delicious ~

This is one of our smaller sized windows that we just completed with a special lady in mind.

Please excuse the over-exposed lighting but here is another view:
The window is from a home built in the 1860s and the dish is very unusual, we were told that it is from the 1930s/40s - it has hobnail characteristics and Fostoria type sheen but we have no idea - it was one of our pricier dishes but we HAD to have it! Click to enlarge to see the gorgeous plate! So sweet.
The back of the piece is in it's original condition - we did not touch the back of the window:

This window is on hold right now.

Thank you for visiting our blog!

Sorry, this window is SOLD!



"Matching cranberry Fostoria plates with clear, pale green, and red glass beads and THEY ARRIVED SAFELY 2800 MILES AWAY!!! I received one last week and the other one today and they are absolutely gorgeous. What a clever idea!! I am so proud of these uniquely designed 150-year old windows from the California wine country. As soon as they are hung where the sunset will shine through, I will send you pictures.

We live on beautiful Lake Murray where the lakeside of the house has nothing but windows, a perfect place for this artwork to be displayed.

Thank you for allowing me to purchase these unique pieces of art. I am quite sure you will be hearing from some of my friends and family when they see these on display.

Jane Bennett
May 18, 2009 "

Jane, we are so very pleased that your windows arrived safely. Please do take a picture so that we can post it on our blog, it sounds like a lovely lake setting and we look forward to seeing the windows in their new home.

Thank you again to everyone for your wonderful response. We are going to have new creations completed this week. We found some amazing dishes and really old windows that are in great condition. We finished two today but cannot take pictures until 24 hours after the glue has time to set so we hope to get those photos up tomorrow.

We are very excited and feel so blessed to be able to create something that we love and is appreciated by others.



Black By Popular Demand

Obviously, black is a favorite. We almost sold everything with black frames at our festival so this is what we have been working on to replenish our store. Please excuse the glare, we are still working on photographing our vintage window art.

We have about fifteen more amazing windows from an old home in Hollister, California. The home was built when Abraham Lincoln was President! They are in excellent condition and we can't wait to finish our designs to share them with you.

Thank you so much for visiting our blog!


Chic To The Shabby ~ Triple Set ~ Rare~

These AMAZING swing door windows are from a "Lincoln home" built in 1860. Because of the condition and the time involved in the design, these windows sell for $175 each.
The pictures do not even do these gorgeous windows justice. More gorgeous in person alert!

These will be stunning behind a sofa or decoration on any featured wall.

click on any picture to enlarge.

The triple set is available for $475. THESE WINDOWS JUST SOLD! Sorry, no longer available.

We just completed many beautiful windows and are in the throws of designing our newest vintage window art creations. We try to keep our blog up-to-date with the inventory so please keep checking back for a list of our available vintage window art.
Please email any inquiries at .

Our Newest Creations

We have been working our fingers to the bone this week! We came across some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. vintage dishware and more windows from 1860! 1860! It is still hard to believe that Lincoln was President when these windows were created. Click any picture to enlarge:

Identical matches are close to impossible when dealing with vintage dishes and very old windows. These are an almost perfect match but one is slightly larger than the other and we also have slight color changes with the glass embellishments.
See below for a close-up of the stunning old platters we found this week. We were so lucky to find two of the same pattern in excellent condition. Click picture to enlarge:

Below is the heavily embellished bubble dish plate with a black frame. We used a platter and two matching dishes of the same old pattern. This piece is exquisite:
It is SO difficult to take good pictures, the below vintage art work is really lovely in person.
Our popular geometric design and carnival glass design with a black frame is really stunning (SOLD!):

Depression glass starburst design:

We have two of these blue modern and they just SOLD.
Both BLue Windows SOLD
The picture below shows the elegant and very valuable old dish. The dish is rare and is in excellent condition, what better way to show off amazing old dishware than in vintage window art!
Below is a close-up photo of the vintage dish:
This is so beautiful and unfortunately, we are still experimenting with taking good photographs. With the glare and see-throughness of the glass, nothing compares to real life viewing. The reddish/black frame really enhances this depression glass dish:
We love the squarish shaped dishes in the depression glass. We will get a better picture later, but in the meantime, you can see the beauty below: The below window is SOLD!

The above window is sold.
We are going to extend our Etsy store in the coming week to include more of our works and we will also be getting measurements and weights of our latest creations but of course, you may email us with any inquiries at .

Thank you for visiting!