Happy Customers

We just love receiving pictures from our clients homes after they have installed our vintage window art. They say that they just love looking at their old wood shed now. The window definitely adds character.


Available Vintage Window Art

These are some of our items that are currently for sale. We are also able to accommodate custom orders, just email us with inquiries at and we will be happy to work with you. We found some awesome windows from the 1880s this weekend and they are looking spectacular! We will post their photos when the glue has dried. For the complete list of items for sale, please click here.
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Gorgeous Crystal Colorful

Green Double Paned Loveliness

Carnival Glass Floral Design
Black and White Delight ~~~~SOLD!
Blue Geometrics
Vintage Cranberry Glass with Wine Country Windows.
> Gorgeous Bubble Glass Vintage Collectibles
HEART IS SOLD!For the Heart Lover

GEOMETRIC IS SOLD! Carnival Glass Geometric

Blue Bubble Dish with Wine Country Redwood Windows


Gorgeous Green with Wine Country Windows

This is a sample of some of our available windows. Please email us if you have any inquiries or special requests at We look forward to hearing from you!


Vintage Window Art - Owner's Photos

We are lucky enough to have some of the pictures of our sold items. As you can see, there are many different uses and decorating ideas, the possibilities are endless.

We are looking forward to receiving more photographs from the new owners of our vintage window art.


Thank you San Juan Bautista!

We had such a wonderful time at the Arts and Crafts Festival in San Juan Bautista this weekend.
Thank you to everyone who attended and we really appreciate the great response!

Photo: Courtesy of Jerry Satterlee
Please let us know if you have any inquiries. We really take pride in our work and appreciate the enthusiasm and the great response that we received this weekend.

Please email us with any inquiries at :


Vintage Red Cranberry Glass

We found these gorgeous red antique dishes and couldn't wait to use them on the 150 year old redwood windows that we found in Paso Robles.
We were lucky enough to be able to make TWO matching pairs (very difficult to do when working with one-of-a-kind pieces). We SOLD ONE PAIR (with the "legs"), one pair is still available.
old windows, vintage dishes, carnival glass, art.

34"H 30"W

approx. 17 lbs

Discount for Pairs

Magnificent Greens

This is a very beautiful vintage china dish that we combined with our amazing 150 year old green windows from an old home in Paso Robles.
The pictures do not do it justice. It is stunning in person.
34" H 30" W

approx. 18 lbsold windows, vintage dishes, carnival glass, art.

Discount for Pairs


Gorgeous Green Multi PAIR

This double paned window comes from a home built in the 1860s. We painted the frame black and paired it with the ever-so-lovely vintage dish. We have TWO of these.

The colors are magnificent!

$175.00 each or $300.00 for the pair
We look forward to answering any inquires at
36" H 25" W
approx. 19lbs

One of these gorgeous windows SOLD so there is only one available ETA: BOTH ARE SOLD!

One for sale for $175.00 SOLD

please email us at with any inquiries.

Congratulations Juan Sanchez of San Jose!

Juan Sanchez of San Jose is the winner of our raffle prize!

Congratulations Mr. Sanchez, we hope you enjoy your vintage window art as much as we did making it.


So sweet!

Here are more examples of our work. These were just completed and will be for sale at the San Juan Bautista Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend.

These windows are for sale for $125.00 each.

Please email with any inquiries at

Gorgeous and Classy Bubble Glass

Absolutely stunning in person!

THREE matching vintage light blue bubble dishes. Really lovely.
We look forward to answering any questions at
25"H 30" W
15 lbs


Vintage Crystal in Floral Design

This is a beautiful dish that is enhanced with a multi-colored border.

This is a VERY old window that we left in it's natural condition. Because of the condition of the old window, we are selling this lovely piece for only $80.00
30"H 24 1/2" W
approx. 16 lbs
old windows, vintage dishes, carnival glass, art.


Discount for Multiple Purchases

Please email us at if you have any inquiries.

Vibrant Turquoise Vintage Dish in Starburst

This dish is STUNNING!
This is a 150 year old window that is excellent condition - we left the finish natural.
old windows, vintage dishes, carnival glass, art.
26"H 30"W
approx. 14 lbs.

Discount for Multiple Purchases

Please email us at with any inquiries.

150 year old Windows

We found another rare matching window pair and were able to make a lovely set with crystal colored accents and lovely blues.
25"H 36" W

approx. 17 lbs each

THESE ARE SOLD! we do have a set in BLACK available.

Discount for Pairs

Wine Country Redwood

These are our much valued 150 year old redwood windows from an old home near Paso Robles.

We combined some gorgeous blue embellishments with the vintage blue "bubble" dish.
We try to keep the prices as reasonable as possible and this piece is for sale for $175.00 or $300.00 for the pair.
For those who like to decorate with pairs, we were able to create two of these one-of-a-kind windows.
The colors are magnificent in the sun!

One of these SOLD so there is one left for $175.00

32" H 30"W

approx. 16 lbs



White Delight is just lovely in person!

27"H 30" W approx. 13 lbs The above window is listed for $125.00 Please email us at with any inquiries.

Starburst Crystal Legged Delight - ONLY $60

We are running some specials for our arts and crafts fair and this little gem is reduced to only $60.00

The window came from a building built in the 1860s and we painted the frame a lovely
brown. The legs on the old windows were the top of the old weighted frames.

21"H 24"W
approx. 9 lbs.


Please email us with any inquiries at

Multi 6 pane with hinges

Ocean Mist
This is a very old six pane window that is still attached to it's original hinges and molding. We even left the old latch for it's originality.
^close up of old hinges

30"H 31"W
approx. 16 lbs

This window is for sale for $125.00
Please email us with any inquiries at