The Fab Four

Obviously, I'm running out of post titles and we are so busy creating that I am just calling these the "Fab Four". (click any picture to enlarge)
The above is the highly collectible vintage dishware that we encircled with tons of glass beads that compliment the plate. $175.00
The above vintage candy dish is brilliant in person. It needed an elegant filigree design that ended up resembling a cross. $150.00
We got some absolutely lovely old redwood windows that are just spectacular. After cleaning and conditioning the wood, the windows could almost stand on their own they are so lovely. $175 for the floral SIX pane vintage window art.
We have had these rooster plates and were waiting for the perfect window to display them.
$400.00 for the PAIR Rooster Pair Sold to Cynthia in Morgan Hill - Happy Birthday!
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Vanessa said...

The rooster plates are amazing! Love them on that panel?! They're truly lovely! Have a great day! Vanessa

Stephanie said...

I really love what you are doing. It must take you forever to make your window art. Very impressive!