Juli's Favorite

This is a very old window from the 1800s with all of the original hardware. We cleaned and conditioned the wood because we wanted to leave the original patina. We placed a signed Wedgwood dish in the center. click any picture to enlarge

There is a natural crackle with different specks of color that show through, it just so happens that there is a lovely greenish blue showing on the wood that matches the lovely Wedgwood. Sometimes, everything just falls into place. The original hinges are still connected to the frame. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and this will never be able to be duplicated. So special in person!
Available for $150.00. We are so busy creating for our upcoming Antique Fair show in San Juan Bautista on August 2nd, it is known for being a wonderful event so anyone within driving distance may want to spend the first Sunday of August in historic San Juan Bautista.
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vickie said...

Wow girls, this one is gorgeous!
I used to live in Northern CA, (Livermore) and I miss the wonderful art/craft shows. Good luck! Thanks for your comments!

Ruth Welter said...

Hello Juli, this is absolutely beautiful..I love this window with the gorgeous piece of wedgewood you have added. You really work magic with these beauties.


Mary said...

that is special. i love the original wood and hardware combined with the wedgewood