Busy Bees

We have just finished scavenging the California coast for some awesome windows and vintage dishes and were lucky enough to find about 5 of the smaller sized windows from the late 1800s.

We have some lovely amber dishes that look a bit like carnival glass (not sure) and some blue depression glass plates that are fantastic, we found TWO amazing vibrant dishes, one is red and in the shape of a heart and the other is a spectacular orange color..

If anyone has color preferences, please email us at dejaviewdesigns@yahoo.com - of course, no obligation to purchase - we love suggestions!

Here is a current list of our available items.

We hope to have some new designs up in the coming days! We LOVE our job!

ETA: We completed FOUR gorgeous windows and will be able to post pictures tomorrow. Three of them are the rare smaller size and we took your suggestions and made some blue inspired designs.

Thank you for everything,

Juli and Debi


Ruth Welter said...

Looking forward to seeing your most recent window creations.