Stunning Vintage Dishes Make For Beautiful Windows

These windows will look just as lovely indoors or outside in a garden or veranda. We just finished these yesterday and the old dishes still amaze us with their beauty.
ETA: The first two windows are still AVAILABLE, the last two windows just SOLD.
ETA#2: The heart window is still AVAILABLE, all others are SOLD.

Here is another view of the beautiful amber depression glass dish (click any picture to enlarge):

This vibrant heart dish is rich with color and detail:

This next design is inspired by this old gold toned glass platter: SOLD

We get many requests for seeing the back of pieces and here you can see the back (original green paint) and the front: SOLD
We made a wiggle waggle mini-me by popular demand and it is paired with a vintage hobnail dish: SOLD

We heard antique dealers refer to this dish as milk glass, vaseline glass and hobnail and we don't pretend to be vintage dish aficionados but we are learning a ton about these gorgeous old dishes.This window just SOLD

Each of these windows are available and for sale for $135 each.

We are happy to answer any questions at - we look forward to hearing from you!


Rochelle said...

Debi and Juli, I get so many compliments on my windows and am starting a hint list for my husband because we have an anniversary coming up and I want some more vintage window art. Every new post makes me want another and then another, I hope my husband gets the hint and contacts you soon before my favorites are gone.

Kris said...

I have to agree with Rochelle. Each new post and my heartbeat gets faster thinking how lovely the window would look in my home. Still waiting on UPS man..... :) Getting excited again just thinking about it.



Just wanted to say that your work is beautiful!! It has a nostalgic appeal with the vintage plates and window frames, cheerfully colored baubles, all reminiscent of stained glass but set instead in clear glass, which I find particularly attractive and uniquely fresh! Wonderful. Jeanne

debi @ life in my studio said...

Your windows are stunning!!!

Ruth Welter said...

Simply beautiful and original. Just fabulous work.


stefanie said...

I love your windows, they are beautiful.