A Lavender Diversion!

'Tis The Season!

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In California, we are in the midst of the two week lavender harvest season and we have been making our favorite lavender crafts. We are so very lucky to have lavender in our backyard - literally and figuratively. This year, Leal Vineyards is kind enough to let us harvest some of their grosso lavender from France and they also have some lovely English lavender:
photo courtesy Leal Vineyards
You can see a bit of their abundant lavender in the above photograph.
We may list our lavender crafts on Etsy but wanted to share them with our lovely blog readers.
First, may we introduce you to our lavender logs:

We sell our lavender logs for a very reasonable $40 each.
These are loaded with extremely fragrant grosso and English lavender and decorated with our own dried roses. Some people actually use these as fire starters but we can't bear to think of that demise with these sweet decorations.
Now, for our lavender wands:

These date back to the Victorian times and were the first sachets (they didn't have little organza bags back then!). Elizabethan ladies used to gather lavender and transform it into these delightful 'wands' or 'bottles' to put in their linen cupboards. Use them to fragrance linen or lingerie drawers, or wherever you would use a sachet.
We have to weave these within an hour of harvesting because of the pliability of the lavender. The lavender buds are inside the basket and these last for decades. A gentle squeeze is all that is need to release the fragrance.
Our lavender wands are $20 each and are made with the fragrant grosso lavender imported from France that we harvested from Leal Vineyards.
We would like to thank Frank Leal for his kindness in allowing us to use his luscious and divine lavender.
Please email any inquiries to . We will be happy to provide more photos and dimensions and selection choices! The good thing is that shipping should be really reasonable with these light weight beauties!

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Stephanie said...

I just love lavender! These are very pretty. I can't imagine someone really throwing those in a fireplace as a starter. You made them too pretty for that.

Kris said...

Oh' your talent doesn't stop at windows. The wands and logs are just beautiful and I can just imagine how lovely they smell. I can't imagine using them as a fire starter.


Jenny S said...

Those are just beautiful!!!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I so envy you living in Ca with all of those beautiful lavender fields. I grow lavender around my house here in NC but have not tried the French grosso.

Your logs and wands are wonderful looking!

vickie said...

Oh so pretty! Love them!

Ruth Welter said...

Wow, your lavender wands are wonderful...what a beautiful and elegant idea.