Working On Our Loot

This is another "Flower Power" that we just designed. Our first one sold rather quickly so we were able to design another one. Here is Debi setting it up for it's photo shoot:

Flower Power is Available for $150.00. - ETA: SOLD!
This is where we lay out designs on a white tablecloth. You can see our bins of glass beads. After laying out the design, we start gluing. We have to be outside because the glue we use needs ventilation. We then CAREFULLY move the piece inside to dry flat for 24 hours. Only then, can we see it vertically and photograph it:

Our newest windows are in excellent condition and only require a fresh coat of paint. We are painting half of them white and the other half will be black.
Juli's favorite is this fantastic find - it came from the oldest home that was ever built in Hollister - a nice contractor had saved it for himself but allowed us to purchase it because he heard what we were doing with old windows and he wanted it to be useful. It is 3 1/2 ft. high by 2 1/2 ft wide and we have had a special platter that will be perfect. We are designing it before the paint is even dry we are so excited! This is the window after one coat of paint, obviously, before it is cleaned.

We are hoping to get the design finished this afternoon so we can photograph it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies. I received my beautiful turquoise window yesterday. It took a week for it to arrive and finally Monday night about 7:00, here comes the UPS truck. Yeah. I have it sitting on my buffet in my dining room. It is gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant and now my room is complete. Thank you again for my spectacular window art. Cheryl

Déjà View Designs said...


That turquoise dish is stunning on your window art. We do hope you can send us a picture so we can post it on our blog.

Thank you for your business,

Juli and Debi