Gorgeous Green Multi PAIR

This double paned window comes from a home built in the 1860s. We painted the frame black and paired it with the ever-so-lovely vintage dish. We have TWO of these.

The colors are magnificent!

$175.00 each or $300.00 for the pair
We look forward to answering any inquires at
36" H 25" W
approx. 19lbs

One of these gorgeous windows SOLD so there is only one available ETA: BOTH ARE SOLD!

One for sale for $175.00 SOLD

please email us at with any inquiries.


Anonymous said...

The work is beautiful, but pictures taken outside (with light, trees, foliage and other competing factors) do not do justice to them. The only exception might be a solid background of relatively plain sky. You have one shown that is attractive. Try having a plain background behind the pieces for a true picture of their beauty.