Thank you San Juan Bautista!

We had such a wonderful time at the Arts and Crafts Festival in San Juan Bautista this weekend.
Thank you to everyone who attended and we really appreciate the great response!

Photo: Courtesy of Jerry Satterlee
Please let us know if you have any inquiries. We really take pride in our work and appreciate the enthusiasm and the great response that we received this weekend.

Please email us with any inquiries at :


Patricia said...

hi debbie and julie. it was so nice meeting you this weekend. i lovemy window. both of you were so nice,i really want one of the sets that you have left.

Lisa said...

Dear Debi and Juli,

It was nice meeting you yesterday. My husband and I couldn't wait to get home and hang them, we ended up putting them in our living room and it is truly stunning. When we get our digital camera working, we'll take some pictures for you girls.

My husband really loves them.

We would like to order Mother's Day gifts for each of our mothers.

This is such an ingenius idea, we wish you much success. Everything was a class act, even down to the little green velvet bag with our hardware. I was in retail for a number of years and the little things mean a lot.

Your website looks really good. I see that mine are marked SOLD, I wasn't even planning on buying anything yesterday! I couldn't be happier with our purchases.

Thank you talented ladies, this is just what my living room needed.